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Drift Away - Psychedelic Art Print

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TITLE | Drift Away

ART PRINT SIZE | 600 x 450mm 

"I am always looking for ways to expand my awareness and drop deeper into myself and as a result have fallen in love with sensory deprivation tanks. If you look closely at the artwork you will see a flotation tank based in the middle and my experiences flowing outwards. Sections of the artwork depict visions of my direct experience in the tank, while others are a flow-on effect of the afterglow.

By creating this artwork I am inviting the viewers to immerse themselves in the colourful dance of the imagination that exercises like floating help to expand. Flotation tanks remove all light, sound and physical feeling to the human experience, however you will notice the surroundings in this artwork are not dark. The light is a reflection of the illumination of the mind, and when in a pure state of love and happiness, bares no darkness. The light signifies our purity and long but essential road to realisation. 

 Flotation tanks present a chance to be reborn in both mind and spirit and give us essential time to relax, letting go of thoughts or clarifying them. I can remember being nervous about my first float but looking back now it's a process that opens us up, creates change for the better. The ego usually labels change as destructive and will present these experiences as a 'Bad Idea'.

For every one that frequently floats, we all have our reasons for doing so and for anyone that yet to try it, you have nothing to fear. Pay attention, let it all go and drift away. 

This artwork was created in collaboration with Cocoon Flotation in Wollongong as part of their Artist in Residence program. Cocoon is my second home and will always be a place of peace"

- Ayjay 

 Ayjay Art prints are printed in high resolution full digital colour on 200gsm Yupo Synthetic Paper.Yupo Synthetic Paper material is waterproof and has excellent resistance to UV and tearing, making Ayjay's posters ideal for both indoor or outdoor display.


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